Real Estate Leads Program For All RE Professionals
Why Do We Know The Service Industry And Real Estate Marketing Business Better?  

Because we've been doing this stuff since 1978. And the service industry aspect has been our bread & butter for over 25 years. We currently operate in 10 cities---once 30 before Google’s Panda changed the rules. We currently turn away leads every day, still, from all 30 markets. Why not make those available to you, our Leads Clients?

We also operate a National Background Screening Company that serves thousands of landlords, property management companies and government agencies across the US.

We are also a property wholesale company operating in multiple cities, and we purchase Real Estate Mortgage Notes and Portfolios.

A ten year stint in Advertising with 25 thousand websites built means that we also know how to ramp up call volumes, and in today's Ad and Marketing environment we promise you it is not by launching a new website for your company.

Or have you already spent thousands of dollars trying to crest the top of the Search Engine results?

Miserable, wasn't it?

What Does ABS Offer That Others Cannot? 

We built our own Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and have the ability to track every marketing campaign. We know how many calls our marketing generates, how many appointments get booked from a marketing campaign, and how much revenue it generates.

Even Our Basic Lead Sale Account Is A Step Above The Rest!

Get our BSLP or Basic Seller Lead Package semi-exclusive updates straight to your cell of all new appointments booked or leads generated.

ABS Leads will set up an account for you within our lead tracking system. You can log in to obtain your lead information from any smart phone or computer. You can have us automatically text and or email that lead data to you the moment it is booked.

How easy is that?

Don’t Be Lied To By Marketers About The Effectiveness Of Your Advertising Campaigns. 

Ask your ABS sales representative about our PLS or Premium Seller Lead Package. If you’re currently spending money on marketing and driving those sales leads to a cell phone or voice mailbox, then you could use Call Center Services to help you land a larger percentage of potential sales.

Our Lead Cadillac Also Known As PSLU Unlimited. 

Our PSLU or Premium Seller Lead Package Unlimited. Combine our exclusive PSLU lead agreement with Our Entire System.

With our PSLU Unlimited you get full access to all the management systems mentioned above and unlimited verified hot leads in your marketing area.

Sales CRM Just like You Would Get At Sales Force.

We offer additional features for a monthly fee that allows you to use our CRM as your lead tracking system for longer term sales cycles.

In fact you can use our CRM to track and manage all your leads even if it did not come thru ABS Leads. Easily track in a List format your customer name, any notes associated with this customer, date contacted, phone number, rate the sale potential, track up to three levels of potential sale revenue, sold date and sale amount. All your sales world data together in one easy scalable management system.

An Office Business Management System Set Up and Ready To Assist You.

Need additional help? Ask your ABS Leads associate about our CRM integration to Quickbooks.

Need a credit card processing system that captures the credit card sale and attaches it to your lead record? We have it.

Technician trend reports? Inventory tracking? Billing reports? Call scheduling control system? Call mapping? Dispatch and appointment sales reports? Have a multi-city operation or simply need to add multiple calendars to your business operations to track efforts of business activity?

It just got even easier.
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